Supports available to you

Case Management

You can receive help from a case manager. A case manager can:

  • Help you find supports

  • Help you make appointments

  • Help you find service providers

  • Help you find housing

  • Help you plan for a good life

  • Work with other people serving you

  • Ask for help with changes to your home or your car

You may have lots of case managers for different services you receive. You may have a case manager for your community supports, for school, for your job if you have one, for your living and day programs and more. Your case managers are there to help you.

Support People

If you have a community-based waiver, you can hire people (or a company) to help you do many things, like:

  • Going shopping

  • Making meals

  • Helping you with taking a shower

  • Taking you to appointments

  • Helping you clean your room

  • Helping you with your job

You may have many different support people. If you have a waiver, you can choose to hire a person or people that you like, or you can hire a company to send people to work for you. The waiver pays for someone to help you do these things.


If you have a community-based waiver, you can choose to live in a group home, a sponsored residential home, or maybe even your own home! You can ask your case manager to tell you about different housing options and make the best choice for you!

Protection & Advocacy

If you have a problem with getting help or services, you may be able to get support from your state protection & advocacy organization. In Virginia, it is Disability Law Center of Virginia. They can help you with lots of different things, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, education, abuse and more. 

Job Support

You may be able to get help with working. There are programs that can help you get a job, and teach you how to keep a job. Some of those services are offered by the Department of Aging & Rehabilitative Services, and some of them are offered through community based waivers. Your case manager can tell you what job supports you may be able receive.

Medicaid Waiver

A Medicaid Waiver is a way to pay for supports through Medicaid. If you meet the rules for a waiver, Medicaid will pay for most, sometimes all, of your services. There is a waiting list for people to receive these supports. You will need to contact your Community Services Board to get on the wait list. You can ask your case manager for help.