Public Partnerships

What is Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)?

Public Partnerships provides financial management services for participant-directed services in Virginia.

What responsibilities does PPL have?

  • Perform a Criminal History Record Name Search on all Attendants;

  • Perform a search of the Virginia Department of Social Services (Child Protective Services) Central Registry for findings of child abuse and neglect on prospective Attendants providing care to Consumers under age 18;

  • Perform required state and federal background and employment eligibility checks on Attendants.;

  • Issue wages using direct deposit to the Attendant’s checking or savings account, debit card of the Attendant’s choice, or to a Money Network Account;

  • Withhold state and federal taxes and other withholdings for each Attendant;

  • File monthly, quarterly, and annual tax deposits and forms with state and federal agencies;

  • Issue an IRS Form W-2 Wage Statement to each Attendant in January every year;

  • Provide the Quarterly Service Report (QSR) four times per year to review your Service Authorizations;

  • Answer questions about enrollment, timesheets, and payments; and

  • Help you and your Attendant with the enrollment process through PPL Customer Service.

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toll free: 1(833)549-5672 efax: 1(866)709-3319

What responsibilities do I have with PPL?

As the Employer of Record, or EOR, you will

  • Complete the Attendant Application for each person you wish to have as an Attendant;

  • Review the Attendant Employment Agreement with each Attendant and ensure that both of you sign it;

  • Complete and sign all EOR Enrollment Forms;

  • Sign all Attendant Enrollment Forms and required paperwork;

  • Establish schedules and tasks for each Attendant in accordance with your loved one's service plan; 

  • Monitor each Attendant’s work and duties;

  • Approve timesheets and submit signed timesheets to VA CCC Plus, through PPL for each Attendant;

  • Keep track of Service Authorizations and time used; and

  • Hire, supervise, and discontinue employment of the Attendants

Consumer Direct Care Network

What is Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN)?

Consumer Direct Care Network provides fiscal management services for participant-directed services in Virginia. 

What responsibilities does CDCN have?

  • Facilitating caregiver background checks

  • Caregiver record retention

  • Processing time sheets and issuing paychecks

  • Withholding and filing employer and caregiver related payroll taxes

  • Compliance with Federal and State rules and regulations

  • Providing spending summaries (On-line access available)

What responsibilities do I have?

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DMAS Fee-for-service forms are available at

Other forms:

Virginia Premier Forms

  • Complete and sign all forms in CDCN’s Employer Enrollment Packet.

  • Complete, sign and submit the Attendant Enrollment Packet for each person you wish to have as an attendant.

  • Review the Attendant Attestation form with each attendant and ensure that both of your sign it.

  • Establish schedules and tasks for each attendant in accordance with the Participant’s Service Plan.

  • Monitor each attendant’s work.

  • Approve and submit approved time to CDCN for each attendant.

  • Keep track of Service Authorizations and time used.

  • Hire, supervise, and discontinue employment of the attendants.

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